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12 RV Campsite Setup Ideas for the Ultimate RV Experience

Make the most of your camping trip with campsite setups that add convenience and fun. We’ve rounded up 12 campsite setup ideas to give you the ultimate RVing experience.

Man and woman playing cornhole beside RV
We are sharing some RV campsite ideas for the ultimate experience!

We have all walked by that one campsite and thought “Wow, what a great setup!”

If you’re camping with a group, there is usually one site that everyone gathers at. It may be the games, the shade, or the bistro-like feel for dinner, but the right RV campsite setup ideas can really make a site.

When you arrive at the RV park and get your spot, it can be a daunting task to set up. Cut to the fun and relaxation with easy set up ideas for your site (that you’ll actually do). Whether it’s a weekend trip or a month-long stay, make the most of your time. Here are some ideas to make your RV site more homey, fun, and convenient.

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1. Campsite Games

No camping trip is complete without some campsite games. Sure, “hide and go seek” is fine, but games like  cornholering toss, and ladder ball can keep both you (and more importantly, the kids) occupied for hours.

Even if you have a smaller site, these games can be easily stored under or behind your RV when not in use. There are lots for sale but buyer beware – some of these are pretty cheap and don’t last long. Making your own or having them made by someone can be a better option.

2. Outdoor Mats

Outdoor or patio mats serve multiple purposes. They are aesthetically appealing and help keep dirt from being tracked into your RV.

Using a proper outdoor patio mat, like the Sand Mine reversible patio mat (pictured left) is important as they are made to withstand constant sun exposure and can be sprayed down for easy cleaning.

There are tons of options to match your RV. Or you can add a fun flair to your site with something bright or with a fun print.

3. Table Space

Having a folding table outside your RV comes in handy for multiple reasons. Keep an outdoor table close to your RV door for quickly stowing:

  • Dog leashes
  • Bike helmets
  • Pool towels
  • Or anything you want quick access to when leaving your rig

One common use of an extra table surface is to add to your outdoor cooking area! Now plates, BBQ tools, and all your cooking ingredients will have a place.

Folding tables are available in many sizes and fold up for easy storage between trips.

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4. Wash Down Area

Camping can be dirty (which is fine), however, keeping the dirt outside will make your trip more enjoyable.

Add a second RV water hose with a nozzle and run it to the rear of your RV or a convenient wash location. Feet, paws, and outdoor gear can be sprayed off outside – which helps keep your RV clean.

5. Bug-free Zone

mosquitos on screen - RV campsite setup ideas

Bugs are a reality of camping that can be tricky to deal with. Screen rooms can save an otherwise bug-infested camping trip.

Portable, screened rooms are cheap and available in different sizes depending on your needs. Placing one over your picnic table will help keep the flies away during meal times. Utilizing a portable screened-in room also creates a convenient place to hang out outside yet in the shade.

6. Safe Storage

Taking things in and out of the RV can be a pain and can clutter your indoor space. A great way to keep things safe and conveniently located is to have a locking storage box close to your RV.

Outdoor gear, kids’ toys, or any valuables on your site can be easily dropped into a secure storage container.

Obviously, small locked storage can be stolen in its entirety, but the idea here is keeping things out of sight is better than things laying around.

7. Pet Containment

RVing and camping is fun for the whole family – including your pets!

If you have an animal small enough to be contained with a small enclosure, it frees up the animal from being leashed while keeping them safe on your site. These types of enclosures, like the Zeny Indoor/Outdoor Dog Pen, fold up quickly and can be moved depending on where the shade is.

Some RV parks will have rules regarding fencing on sites but most allow small enclosures for pets.

8. Mood Lighting

Some of the best camping takes place after the sun goes down. Most RVs have awning lights or exterior lights beside the doors but why stop there?

Hanging some bistro lights gives a really comfortable, chill vibe to your site for evening entertaining. Not the feeling you are going for? How about some colorful patio lights or some with your favorite sports team’s logo.

9. Kid-only Space

Keeping kids entertained while camping can be a challenge. While camping, the idea is to be outside and not all cramped inside the RV.

When you think of RV campsite setup ideas you may not be thinking about a tent. After all, you have an RV – but a small kids camping tent might be just right for your setup.

A small tent on your site can be a great spot for kids to hide out and have their own space. Whether it’s for nap time or a place to make shadow puppets at night, a cheap tent might save your RV trip (and sanity).

Toddler sitting in front of tent
Save your sanity by having a small pop-up tent for a kid-only play zone!

10. Gas Fire Pit

Camping and campfires go hand in hand. We all love to sit around a fire at night for drinks, stories, and of course – s’mores!

A gas firepit eliminates the work of starting and maintaining a wood fire. You also don’t have the smoke to deal with and no worries about it relighting through the night.

In recent years, some campgrounds have rules against open fires. A propane gas fire pit is a perfect workaround so you still get the magic of the fire without breaking any rules.

11. Hammock

Man laying in a camping hammock
Camping hammock. Photo from Amazon.

Falling asleep in a hammock and waking up hours later may seem like a waste of precious camping time to some but might be the ideal day for others.

Hammocks are the ultimate in outdoor relaxation! While every site won’t have the trees necessary to properly hang a hammock, they take up very little space when folded up so having it with you doesn’t hurt.

If you’re going to be somewhere for a long stay or full-time, snag a framed hammock that can be used anywhere!

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12. Outdoor Theater

Movie night at site 104, bring your own popcorn.

Walking by a campsite and seeing a classic projected on the side of the RV is more common than you’d think – and it totally invokes envy in all your neighbors!

Projectors can be purchased pretty cheaply nowadays and whether you choose to project onto the side of your RV or a screen, your site will be the place to be once the sun goes down.

How Will You Create the Ultimate RV Campsite?

RV campsite setup ideas can make or break a trip. Being comfortable and having conveniences adds to the relaxing atmosphere. Regardless if you are a solo RVer or a family of 5, there are lots of things you can do to personalize your campsite and make it feel more like home.

What is your must-have campsite setup feature? Share with us in the comments below!


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