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Almscliffe Crag - North Yorkshire, United Kingdom with my son
Almscliffe Crag - North Yorkshire, United Kingdom with my son

A little Bit About Your Driver   

Hey Now! Welcome to Begin RV – the site is dedicated to making the RV lifestyle accessible, approachable and affordable for both beginners and experienced RV’ers alike.  My name is Stu Gold, your dedicated RV operator and Editor-In-Chief of Begin RV.  Since we are just meeting, please allow me to offer you a quick and dirty rundown of who I am:

  • Husband (Decidedly above average) 
  • Dad (Legendary) 
  • Lawyer (Recovering)
  • Writer (Professional’ish)
  • Lactose Intolerant (Lover of milk)
  • Outdoorsman (Ninja-like);  and most importantly 
  • RV Fanatic

For many of you this will be the first time you’ve driven with a lactose-intolerant, RV-loving ex-attorney who writes Christmas-themed romantic comedy screenplays in his spare time. Much like the Yeti and the Northern Hairy-Nosed Wombat we are rare, yet highly misunderstood, beasts. Even though we are just getting to know each other, my promise to you is that you will always find your trip through the information on this site will be engaging, informative, trustworthy and most importantly, authentic

In the RV with the crew cruising through Colorado
In the RV with the crew cruising through Colorado
Begin RV: Your Trusted Guide  

Great news! You’ve found us in the the golden age of RV’ing. The past few years have seen excitement and participation in RV’ing skyrocket with the younger generations driving the revolution in the RV industry. No longer is RV’ing just for fanny-pack wearing pensioners  – more and more young people are waking up to the freedom and beauty of the RV lifestyle and taking to the road. 

Why has RV’ing taken off in popularity?” you ask. Let me give you just a few of the many reasons: 

  • Escaping the Stress of Air Travel: With COVID-19 health concerns and the nausea-inducing airline fees (really, $10 to print a boarding pass?), RV’ing is a brilliant way to skip the stress, expense and uncomfortably close-quarters of air travel and explore the world in the safety and comfort of your RV; 
  • Affordability: With the relatively low costs of RV rentals and campground stays, studies show that a RV vacation can cost 78% less than a traditional vacation.  
  • Flexibility: Rather than staying static at one or two locations, you can travel across the country seeing 5,10 or 20 incredible sites during one RV trip; 
  • WiFi: With portable Wifi becoming increasingly reliable and affordable, it’s now simple to conduct business (and watch Netflix) from the road; 
  • Modern Amenities and Entertainment: Campgrounds now offer incredible amenities and activities like: summer movie nights, on-site craft beer breweries, yoga classes and live music.  
No matter what your reasons are for exploring the RV lifestyle, Begin RV is here with the latest RV events,  know-how, advice, reviews and recommendations that will take the stress out of your next RV trip. 

The Goal Is Simple: To Make you feel at home on the road

Class C RV

Why Did I create Begin RV?  

 My first RV adventure was back in the summer of 2008. After graduating law school, my five closest buddies and I hopped a flight out to Denver, Colorado and hit the road to camp at some of America’s most historic national parks. From Rocky Mountain National Park to Zion National Park to Arches National Park to the Grand Canyon, we spent two glorious weeks soaking in the American West with plenty of time reserved for bbq’ing, intense games of cornhole and playing pranks on each other (our favorite was to steal one particular friend’s towel when he was in the public shower – forcing him to make the loooong run back to the RV). 
Those two weeks RV’ing through the American West gifted us memories that will last a lifetime, but the truth is – IT ALMOST NEVER HAPPENED
As we eagerly began to plan our RV trip, we painfully discovered that the barriers to an RV Trip –  physically, mentally and financially, are surprisingly high. We soon realized that: 
  • None of us had ever rented an RV before;
  • None of us had driven an RV before;
  • We were all under 25 years of age (problematic when renting an RV);
  • You must reserve an RV many months in advance if you are planning a summer trip; 
  • You must reserve the camping site and an RV hookup site – oftentimes separately; 
  • Costs were higher than expected for: liability insurance, fuel, equipment and other necessities we would need for our trip. 

After about 60+ calls to RV rental agencies in Colorado and Utah – we were out of luck. Nearly all the agencies we spoke to were fully booked and the ones that weren’t wouldn’t rent to under 25-year olds.  On top of that, the major campgrounds that we wanted to stay at were nearly all booked for RV hookups – leaving us with few options. We decided to forgo our shared dream of an RV trip across the West and instead rent an SUV and stay at motels along the way … until the call came. 

Someone had cancelled a reservation and we were next on a waiting list at an RV rental agency an hour outside Denver. We quickly said “yes”! and spent the next month begging and pleading with national park representatives to get RV spots are our preferred parks.  We didn’t get them all – but it was enough to plant the seeds to what would undoubtedly be the greatest trip of our young lives. 

Is Begin RV for me? 

Planning an RV trip is intimidating – especially for beginners. I only wish that during my first RV trip back in 2008 we were better informed about how to plan, budget and equip ourselves for our RV journey. Without guidance or assistance from well-traveled RV’ers we made mistakes that may not proved to be costly, but nearly torpedo’d our RV trip before it even gets started. 

Begin RV will not be for everyone. There are plenty of RV sites out there that will sell you a fantasy of a care-free existence on the road – that is not us.  However, if these statements resonate with you, you’ve come to the right place: 

  • You’ve always wanted to RV, but are too afraid to start; 
  • You want to get your RV information from a judgement-free place for both beginners and experts alike;
  • You are ready to take your first RV trip, but need that little push to make it happen; 
  • You are looking for honest, bias-free recommendations on the latest and best RV gear; 
  • You are an experienced RV’er who is looking for fresh ideas for your next adventure
If this sounds anything like you, then welcome along for the ride! We hope Begin RV can be just a small part of many of the incredible experiences you will have out on the open road. Always feel free to contact us at [email protected] – we want to hear all about your amazing adventures! 

Safe Travels!

Stewart Gold

Editor-In-Chief, Begin RV


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