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We’re here for the wild souls and the quiet ones. For those who have yet to find their voice, and those who have had their voices taken from them. Through our passion for road travel and self-exploration, we’re on a mission to reconnect to an often forgotten truth that there isn’t one map for everyone to follow.

"We created this space to gift our children wisdom. A roadmap to a life worth living. A greenlight to pursue life on their own terms. "
Stu & Judy

Stu Gold


Judy Tsuei

Chief of media


Stu is a lactose-intolerant, recovering lawyer who left his corporate job to discover his life's purpose (the pay in law is much better than self-discovery).

His first RV adventure was back in the summer of 2008, when Stu and five of his closest buddies hit the road to camp at some of America’s most historic national parks. From Rocky Mountain National Park to Zion National Park to Arches National Park to the Grand Canyon, Stu spent two glorious weeks soaking in the American West ... despite that the fact the toilet clogged within 15 minutes of taking the RV off the lot.

Through BeginRV, Stu wants to share his experience searching for meaning, while elevating the voices of other who are following a similar path. It took nearly 20 years, but Stu found that following his heart has lead him to places and experiences he never once thought possible.

Stu wants to leave a legacy for his two children. Not "things" or possessions, but love and wisdom. The love to know that they will be supported in whatever path they choose. The wisdom to follow their hearts and pursue a life of meaning.

Stu hopes you take something away from this community that gives you the voice and confidence to live the life you were meant to live.


Judy is a writer through and through. She’s also a yoga teacher, Reiki Master, and strategic marketing consultant with a book deal or two.

She’s also a true introvert who could sit up in the mountains by herself and speak to no one else for days on end – which is precisely what she did when she was living on the north shore of Kauai in Hawaii!

Her first adventure in an RV was actually on the islands, when she rented an old-school VW Westfalia van and took it up to Kokee, camping in beanies, jackets and sheepskin boots (it really does get that cold on an island!). Then, she bought a 1984 Toyota Warrior Winnebago and traveled with her then 18-month old daughter throughout the western and middle parts of the United States until arriving in Idaho (where she realized it was too cold to live in a tin can). They quickly traversed to warmer weather in Austin, Texas, and then didn’t leave for a few years.

Through BeginRV, Judy hopes to highlight voices pursuing a different path towards happiness and contentment. She fiercely believes in supporting mental and emotional health, especially with her podcast (Fck Saving Face), and wants to show her daughter that it’s okay to live differently and true to YOU.

Judy believes that through the power of authentic storytelling, we can all learn from one another how to be true to ourselves, be a part of a greater community, and hopefully change the world for a better place.

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