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RV and Camping News Roundup [Week of March 8]

The BeginRV Monday News Roundup brings you the biggest RV and Camping news stories to start your week. 

Here’s the scoop for the week of March 8th: 

RV Shipments Poised to Hit All-Time Record in 2021

President of the RV Industry Association (RVIA), Craig Kirby told members to expect 533,356 new RV units to be shipped in 2021 – an eye-popping 24% increase from 2020. The number would represent a 5.7% gain over the record high of 504,600 units in 2017.

Growth Arrow

Kirby told RVIA members: “RV shipments in 2021 are forecast to reach record highs as the industry continues its over 40 years of long-term growth,” stoking bullish optimism in the surging industry. 

While industry insiders are cheering the news, an increasing number of long-time RVers are worried about how overcrowding and demand-pricing will affect already crowded campgrounds. 


Chinese Smart RV Features Elevator to Second Floor

Think you got a big rig? Think again. 

Chinese company SAIC Maxus is developing a RV with a built-in elevator taking you to a pop-up second floor sunroom. The upper floor glass sunroom is 133 square feet and features floor to ceiling windows that can be turned opaque for privacy. 

The RV is still in prototype stage, but you can see a video of what it may look at 1:10 of the video below: 


Peppa Pig Motorhome To Hit Stores

Little campers who can’t get enough of Britain’s favorite piglet are in luck … Peppa Pig has got her own motorhome. Toymaker Hasbro is rolling with the RV trend and will launch an electronic motorhome that will be a must-have for Peppa fans. 

Peppa’s motorhome will feature wheels that roll and will open up to allow kids to rearrange the different living spaces. The toy will include a steering wheel that plays music and popular phrases from the “Peppa Pig” TV series. 

The motorhome that will come with Peppa, George, Daddy and Mummy will not be available until August 1, 2021. If you can’t wait until the end of summer, you can get your hands on Peppa’s Pig’s campervan which transforms into a double decker home. 

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Airstream’s Donation to Neutralize Its Carbon Emissions In 2021

Through its new “Caravan to Carbon Neutral” program, Airstream has announced it will donate enough money to plant an estimated 118,405 trees in 2021. The donation to the National Forest Foundation (NFF) will neutralize carbon emissions for all Airstream trailers and motorhomes sold in 2021.

Airstream continues with its eco-friendly practices.

As part of the program, Airstream is encouraging its loyal owners to purchase Carbon Reduction Kits. The kits – ranging anywhere from $50 to $250 – will help campers neutralize their carbon impact while out on the road. One hundred percent of all Carbon Reduction Kits purchased are tax-deductible and directly supports the NFF’s tree-planting program.

Camping World Declares Dividend For Stockholders

Camping World Holdings (CWH) declared a twenty-three cent ($.23) dividend for Class A stockholders on March 1st. The Company which specializes in selling camping gear, recreational vehicles and recreational vehicle parts and service projects earnings to increase between 13-22% in 2021. 

Winter Camping Surges During Pandemic

Michigan state campground bookings appear to be up 40% between the months of October and February. Jason Fleming, a spokesman for the Michigan Department of Natural Resources says the spike may be a result of COVID-related cabin fever. 

Tent in snow
Cabin fever has caused winter camping to surge.

“The reality is, people want to get outdoors, they want to get out of their house,” said Fleming, who notes that campground reservations for the Spring and Summer months are surging. Fleming cautions campers not to panic as there are plenty of campgrounds in Michigan to explore

Yellowstone to Eliminate Large Amount of Walk-Up Camping Sites

Following Grand Teton’s announcement to eliminate first-come, first-serve (or “walk-up” camping) Yellowstone National Park is following suit. Campers will find that the Mammoth and Slough Creek campgrounds as well as a portion of the Pebble Creek campground are now reservation-only. 

Yellowstone National Park
Are Yellowstone’s changes camper friendly? The jury is out.

With the closing of the Norris and Tower Falls campgrounds, the move will leave just three Yellowstone campgrounds as first-come, first-served sites. Those sites are: Lewis Lake Campground, the Indian Creek Campground and part of the Pebble Creaek Campground. 

The changes to eliminate much of the walk-up campground sites were made at the request of visitors, said Yellowstone officials. “The ability to make reservations will enable visitors to plan their trips ahead of time and provide assurance that they will have a campsite upon arrival,” park officials said in a statement.  

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