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Cheapest Way to Rent an RV for a Month

RV rentals are a great way to hit the road and experience RV life. Ownership can be expensive but rental costs can also add up. So what’s the cheapest way to rent an RV for a month?

For many people, a single RV trip a year doesn’t justify the purchase price and continued maintenance of buying an RV. Add in storage, insurance, and the inevitable repairs, and RV ownership can add up quickly.

RV rentals have become a very popular way for anyone without an RV to enjoy RVing. From a weekend at a local campground to a summer-long cross-country trip, RV rentals make it happen.

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RV rentals let you live out your RV dreams without the long-term commitment.

What is the Average Cost to Rent an RV for a Month?

The concept is simple: people want an RV to use for a set amount of time without the commitment of purchasing or the hassle of maintaining it. Why spend all that money for a single trip when you can rent?

RV ownership costs certainly can spiral out of control making renting very appealing. RV rentals, however, can also add up unexpectedly – especially for longer rentals. Your individual situation will determine if renting is the smarter choice for you.

RV rental prices will vary from location to location, however, there are a few common factors that play into the price of RV rentals.

Monthly RV Rental Prices by Type

Do you need a 14′ travel trailer or a 32′ Class B? The type and size of RV you are looking to rent will have a big impact on the cost of your RV rental.

There are three types of RV rentals:

  • Tow behind
  • Drivable
  • Truck campers

Some average prices for rentals across the United States will give you an idea of what to expect when looking for a rental. Averages are per night, based on peer-to-peer rentals, over the entire year, during both high and low seasons.

  • Small tow behind $50-$100
  • Large tow behind $100-$200
  • Truck camper with a truck $200-$400
  • Campervan $125-$250
  • Class A $300-$500
  • Class B $150-$250
  • Class C $200-$300

Additional fees will depend on the company you are dealing with. As with rental cars, there can be mileage fees, cleaning fees, and out-of-state fees. Be sure to read all the fine print and have the full cost calculated.

Tips to Get the Best Deals for Longterm RV Rentals

Everyone loves a deal and with prices increasing every dollar you can save counts. In popular areas, especially during peak seasons, discounts can be tough to negotiate but it never hurts to try.

There are some things out of your control when it comes to rental prices but there are some things you can do to help you get the best price possible.

Plan to Book Your RV Rental as Early as Possible

Planning well ahead of your trip can save you some money and ensure your trip doesn’t get altered. With the popularity of RV rentals steadily increasing, waiting to book a rental could mean booking outside of your preferred dates or not getting a rental at all!

Don’t wait! Make your travel plans and book your rental as far ahead as possible. Rental companies will often have promotions encouraging people to book early for special rates. 10-15% discounts are typical of most companies for booking before the busy season.

If you are using a rental company or peer-to-peer service, negotiating with them during a slower time of year can make it easier to get a deal.

Rent Through a Peer-to-Peer Rental Program

One of the main reasons people choose RV rentals are the fact that they don’t want to buy an RV and have it sit most of the year. Well turns out there are lots of people in that situation and so peer-to-peer RV rental has become a thing – a big thing.

RV owners who are not using their RVs can advertise and rent them to help offset ownership costs. It’s a win for both the RV owner and the potential renters.

Peer-to-peer services like RVEzy have some benefits in that you are dealing with an individual RV owner and not a dealer. This can make negotiating easier and if you are a repeat renter, you can build a trusting relationship.

There are multiple peer-to-peer companies popping up due to the popularity of the service. Essentially Airbnb for RVs, these services provide a platform for RV owners to advertise their RV.

RVEzy is the largest peer-to-peer RV rental platform with services in Canada and the U.S. They make the rental process simple and secure for both parties.

Pre-rental communication about the RV is direct with the RV owners for full transparency. Once a rental is agreed on, RVEzy takes care of payment and insurance to ensure a safe, legal transaction happens.

Use a Relocation Service

RV rental companies have to have vehicles available in different locations around the country. Some people rent in one location and return in another. This means the rental company’s inventory is always changing.

In order to have the vehicles they need at certain locations based on demand, RV companies will have significant discounts for relocation services. Rather than getting an employee to drive one of their RVs to the new location, they offer discounts for travelers to do it for them.

There can be pretty sizeable discounts involved due to the fact that the type of vehicle, dates of travel, pickup, and drop-off locations are out of your control. This is more of a spontaneous adventure than a planned vacation but it’s a discount on travel.

Ads can also sometimes be found for people looking to have RVs moved from one location to another. These situations should be navigated with caution. You will want to make sure everything is in order for it to be a safe and legal use of the RV.

RV rentals are perfect for those looking for an RV experience without purchase. Thinking about buying an RV? A rental is a great way to try out RV life before making the jump.

If you want the cheapest way to rent an RV, you must plan ahead and shop around for options. The RV rental market is hot and rentals are in high demand meaning costs go up. Doing your homework and using a trusted rental company or peer-to-peer service like RVEzy will ensure you have the best rental experience.

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