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Sponsored Content

A sponsored content article with BeginRV is a great way to deliver your message, product, or service to thousands of RV enthusiasts across the US and Canada. 

Your blog will feature your compelling messaging, high-quality images and videos, and backlinks organic to your website and branding.

Our team will also include relevant social media assets such as YouTube videos or Instagram posts, and utilize powerful SEO tactics to keep your content evergreen. 

Your sponsored article will be published on the BeginRV website and distributed via our monthly newsletter. 

Investment: $500.00

Front Page Ad

Do you have an RV or outdoor adventure-related product, service, or website? Share it with our audience of hardcore RV followers:

Share your message on the homepage of Begin RV. Your frontpage ad will contain:

  • 1 headline (up to 8 words)
  • 1 high-quality photo
  • Up to 100 words of copy
  • Up to 2 links

Investment: $100 per month

Newsletter Advertisement

Get your message directly into the inbox of your target audience. We have two different options: Classified and Sponsored.

Your classified newsletter ad will contain:

  • 1 headline (up to 8 words)
  • 150-180 characters of copy with a link to your website

Your sponsored newsletter ad will contain: 

  • 1 headline (up to 8 words)
  • 1 high-quality image
  • 300-700 characters of copy
  • Up to 2 links 

Investment: $25 | $50

Affiliate Partnerships

BeginRV is always open to talking to RV-related and outdoor-adventure-focused companies about potential affiliate partnerships.

Do you have a wicked product or service that you think our audience would love? Let’s chat about an affiliate partnership. 

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