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Free Digital Travel Journal (With 2021 Calendar!)

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What a crazy first six months for Judy and I (Stu) since we started this new blog. It’s been thrilling for us to bring fresh content and fascinating interviews to our incredible readers. We’ve explored the Best RV Shows of 2021, learned how to get on Shark Tank with entrepreneur Aviv Grill and even explored why your RV might smell like rotten eggs.

As a big THANK YOU to our readers, for a limited time, BeginRV is offering a stylish 36-page digital travel journal ABSOLUTELY FREE to all our email subscribers.  The printable digital travel journal includes cleverly-designed useable space and features, such as:

  • 12-month 2021 calendar with space for your notes;
  • Dedicated page to write down your travel essentials;
  • Fun design to record your travel itinerary;
  • Lined-pages for writing down your thoughts and notes.

All you need to do to get your free digital travel journal is subscribe to our email list below and we’ll immediately send out your copy to your email box!

Free Digital Travel Journal

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Free Digital Travel Journal: What You’ll Get

Our free digital travel journal is an amazing companion to take with you out on the road. All you need to do is download your copy, print it up, staple it together and stuff it in your travel bag. It’s lightweight, easy to travel with and designed with plenty of useful sections to help document your trip. 

The best thing about our journal is it’s absolutely FREE and can be printed in either beautiful color or black and white straight from your home printer. Jot down your to-do list, mark down important dates and record memories on the 36-page journal.  
Here’s a preview of what you’ll be getting: 
2021 Calendar

Why A Digital Travel Journal?

Journaling has the ability to impact your life in ways you’ve never imagined. Both Judy and Stu journaled their way into major life-decisions including changing their professions, setting out longterm goals and finding meaning in their lives both personally and professionally. 

In fact, Stu transitioned from a full-time lawyer into a writer and entrepreneur after writing in his journal for nearly a year. What are some reasons you should consider using your digital travel journal while you are on the road: 

1. Gives you Much Needed Break from technology

Journaling on the road gives you a desperately needed break from technology. We’ve become so trained to type on our devices – phones, computers, tablets – that many of us have forgotten the art of writing by hand. 

Traveling is the absolute perfect time to put down your phone and pick up a pen. Give your eyes, ears and mind a break from the constant barrage of technology and use your free digital travel journal to write with your hand. You will find that writing freehand feels more “natural” and has a way of drawing thoughts and feelings out of you that you may not be able to type. 

Most importantly, taking a break from tech will give you the chance to enjoy your trip. A vacation or road trip is a time to get away from the stressors of life – work, bills, taxes – and your tech will just keep your tethered to that world so long as you have it on you. Take this time to look outside your RV, car, bus, airplane – and appreciate the world around you. 

Trust us, you will feel much more grounded and the “fog” swirling around your mind will lift (if only for 30 minutes).   

2. Helps You Clarify Goals

Writing in your digital travel journal will help you clarify goals. Traveling is a great time to clear your mind and think about your future. What do you want? How do you get there? What’s holding me back? 

When our mind is filled with daily stressors of life, we don’t have the time to think about our future. This is what keeps us STUCK in place. We are just living to get by and we keep putting off our hopes and dreams for the future. 

Finding a quiet place to write in your journal will help you crystalize your goals for the future. Without the judgement of anyone else, you can write down your goal(s) and start making a roadmap how to achieve them. 

Believe it or not, the simple act of just writing down your goal is a massive first step in the right direction. Once you breath your goal into being, magical things can begin to happen.  

3. Being Honest With Yourself

All too often we hide behind a facade of what everyone else wants us to be. At work we need to be professional. At home we need to be the perfect wife/husband/parent. We hide behind so many masks that we don’t know who the true “me” is.  

Journaling is an excellent way to openly and honestly be YOU. When its only you and your pen, you have to be brutally honest about how you feel about your current life situation. 

Are you feeling like a success? A failure? Do you wish you had more time to travel? More time to spend with your children? Are you HAPPY? 

Your digital travel journal is the place to write down any feelings and emotions you might be having. Sometimes getting those emotions out on paper in cathartic all in itself. Often you will find you will be surprised to see words that you can’t believe came from you. 

The act of journaling is incredibly powerful tool to help you root up feelings that may be holding you back in life. Once you see the words on the page, you can decide what you want to do with them – if anything. Sometimes writing them down is just enough. 

4. Leave a Record For the Future

Maybe my favorite benefit of journaling is that it leaves a record of who you are now for your future self. Many times I’ve looked back at journal entries from years earlier and I can see in real-time how I’ve evolved. 
By creating a record of your thoughts, you can see where you have bettered yourself and achieved (or not achieved) the goals you set for yourself at an earlier date. It allows an honest assessment for how you’ve grown and what you still need to do keep growing. 
The power of journaling is amazing when you look back at what you recorded at an earlier date. You will probably be surprised at just how much you’ve advanced over a short period of time. It reveals how you have matured as a human being – which is critical for anyone who cares about continually bettering themselves and their situation. 

Get Your Free Digital Travel Journal Today

Don’t wait … get your free BeginRV digital travel journal today. The worst thing? You never use it. The best thing? It can potentially change your life. 
 I’d say the risk/reward on that is worth it. 
Thank you to all our loyal readers both now and in the future. We know there will be brighter skies and better travel days as we put the pandemic behind us and look towards the future. 
Easy Travels, 
Stu & Judy

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