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2021 RV Influencer List [101 Blogs, Websites and People to Follow]

An Introduction to the BeginRV 2021 RV Influencer List

The inspiration for this post came in early-2020 at the height of the COVID pandemic. In final preparation to launch BeginRV I was completing due diligence on the prominent voices in the road travel community.

I know many of you HATE this term, but I was searching for the influencers. Not the type who get paid $1,000 to pose with a can of RedBull, but the voices that are actively shaping the direction of the #Roadlife industry. I wanted to get a sense of not only where the industry was in 2020, but where the most influential people think things are heading over the next decade. 

In my research I came across the usual suspects. GoRVing. Outdoorsy. RVIA. We Are the Russos. All wonderful voices and movements that have shaped where the industry is today.  

However, I noticed something missing from my research: DIVERSITY OF VOICES. 

Where were all the voices from the millennial generation? From women and people of color? From Asians, Blacks, LGBTQ+, Hispanics and single mothers? Were they simply non-existent in this space or were their voices just buried – waiting for a chance to be discovered? 

I spent the last three or so months trying to answer this question. In my research I’ve come across close to a thousand blogs, videos, people, businesses and clubs that are shaping the future of road travel. It has been thrilling to dig below the surface and unearth voices that will be “the next big” thing in this rapidly evolving space.

Narrowing down the list wasn’t easy. I could’ve easily doubled the size of the list, but I felt that would have been the easy way out. You will discover a lot of names and sites you recognize on this list, but my hope is you discover new and excited voices that move you to think differently about the way you travel through the world.

The First Annual BeginRV Influencer List is broken down into a separate categories representing different mediums, sectors and types of media in the road travel world. Those categories are: 

  • New and Diverse Voices
  • RV Blogs
  • Campervan Blogs
  • Instagram Accounts
  • YouTube Channels
  • Special Interest Clubs
  • Discount RV Clubs
  • RV Rental Sites
  • Campground Booking Sites
  • RV Industry

To reiterate – “influencer” is not a status symbol as used in this context. It’s someone, whether a person or organization, who has added something important and influential to the discussion around RVing and outdoor living. By imparting us with their knowledge, know-how, humor and passion, they have made the world a better place for us travelers to live in. 

Just a few quick notes before we get started:

  • This post contains no affiliate links, paid advertisements or biases based on personal relationships. The list was compiled by our editorial team based solely on personal knowledge and months of research. The integrity of the list was of the utmost importance to us;
  • We added influencers to the one category we believed they most belonged in. Many influencers have blogs, YouTube channels, Instagram accounts, etc. Each person/entity could only be chosen for one category;
  • Podcasters were not included. We simply did not have the bandwidth to listen to thousands of hours of audio. This should present an opportunity for someone to augment this list;
  • Traffic, “follows”, “views” and other metrics were one factor in our consideration, but not the driving factor. We made choices based on the person/entity’s influence in the road travel space. You may question how a site like can be considered an “influencer”. Our response would be that it has opened up access to millions of people who may have not otherwise known how to book a campground reservation.

Without further ado, we present the First Annual RV Influencers list:

New and Diverse Voices

Diverse voices are rapidly changing the dialogue about outdoor living.  Actively working to provide exposure, resources and opportunities to traditionally underrepresented groups, these influencers represent a larger push to connect a new generation of children and young people to outdoor spaces. 

The influence of these groups is nothing short of monumental. It’s not about membership numbers or popularity – it’s about opening the gates for underrepresented groups to enjoy outdoor spaces. If that isn’t influence, we don’t know what it.

Here are BeginRV’s picks for the most influential new and diverse voices in the road travel community: 

Name WebsiteAbout
Outdoor Afrohttps://outdoorafro.comInspiring Black connections and leadership in nature
National African American RVer’s Associationhttps://www.naarva.comRV organization for African American RVers
RVing Womenhttps://www.rvingwomen.orgRV membership community for independently traveling women
Outdoor Asianhttps://www.outdoorasian.comOutdoor community of Asians and Pacific Islanders
Rainbow RVhttps://www.rainbowrv.comPopular LGBTQ+ camping club
Black Folks Camp Toohttps://www.blackfolkscamptoo.comMission to increase diversity in the outdoor industry
Soul Trak Outdoorshttps://soultrak.comConnecting communities of color to outdoor spaces
Latino Outdoorshttps://latinooutdoors.orgInspiring, connecting, and engaging Latino communities in the outdoors
Black RVers group for African American RVers

RV Blogs

Raise your pointer finger if you’ve read an RV blog … yep, that’s what we thought. If you’ve been on the road long enough you’ve definitely come across an RV blog (or ten).

The explosion of RV blogs has helped fuel the runaway growth of the road travel industry. Blogs fill in the knowledge gaps in the industry by offering reviews, how-to and advice on everything from the latest tech to the best campgrounds. At their best, blogs offer readers an authentic glimpse into life on the road. They have the power to educate, entertain and offer you new perspectives on old topics.

Here are BeginRV’s picks for the most influential RV Blogs of 2021:

Name Website About
RV Bloggerhttps://rvblogger.comBlog of Mike and Susan – the most knowledgeable RV content creators on the web
Technomadia on how technology supports nomadic lifestyle
RV Travelhttps://www.rvtravel.comOne of longest running RV news and information blogs on web
GoRVinghttps://www.gorving.comComprehensive and cutting-edge resources for the modern RVer
Camp Addicthttps://campaddict.comInformation, how-to’s, videos and other resources for the avid RVer
We’re The Russoshttps://weretherussos.comNomadic RVers on the road since 2015
Getaway Couplehttps://www.getawaycouple.comYoung RV couple on the road since 2017
Drivin’ & Vibin’https://drivinvibin.comPumping out RV-related content with machine-like efficiency
Grateful Glamperhttps://gratefulglamper.comFull-time RVers and entrepreneurs reviewing products, RV reno and other how-to topics
Heath and Alyssa on traveling, how to build a mobile business, and what life is like on the road
RV Lifestylehttps://rvlifestyle.comBloggers, podcasters and YouTubers with extensive content on RV lifestyle
The Wandering RVhttps://www.thewanderingrv.comOnline RVing magazine with well-researched articles
RV Mileshttps://rvmiles.comYouTubers, podcasters and bloggers sharing tips about the RV life

Campervan Blogs

Once and afterthought, the Campervan has evolved into the cool cat of the RV world. The #Vanlife hashtag has become ubiquitous in popular culture, with over 9 million instagram posts dedicated to the pleasures of van living.

Five years ago you could get away with lumping Campervans with Class A and C’s – but that’s not the case today. A new generation of travelers has given rise to the Vanlife movement which has rightfully earned a category all to itself.

Here are BeginRV’s picks for the most influential Campervan Blogs of 2021:

Two Wandering Soles couple offering tutorials, guides and useful tips on van living
Van Clanhttps://vanclan.coEverything van life
The Indie Project travelers offering tips, tricks and vanlife resources
Van Dog Travellerhttps://vandogtraveller.comDiary of vanlife adventures through Europe told in an engaging an introspective manner
Barefoot Theory and vanlife blog with empowering and inspiring content
Gnomad Homehttps://gnomadhome.comExcellent how-to advice on the nomadic lifestyle
Kombi Lifehttps://kombilife.comNomadic travel vloggers documenting adventurous travels
Parked In Paradise, RV and camping blog filled with great resources
One Chick Travelshttps://www.onechicktravels.comTraveling writer, filmmaker and photographer writing about van conversions
Van Cat Meowhttps://www.vancatmeow.comWhimsical account of a rescue cat traveling in a campervan
So We Bought a Vanhttps://soweboughtavan.comSolo female traveler documenting her van travels
Van Life Buildshttps://www.vanlifebuilds.comVan build-out service with hihg-quality blog
Vanlife Diaries vanlife stories, news and profiles with down-to-earth appeal
The Vanualhttps://thevanual.comGo-to site for campervan conversion
Divine on the Roadhttps://thevanual.comSolo van traveler sharing advice on van conversions, van life logistics, and earning a remote income

Instagram Accounts

While blogs may be the heart and soul of the online RV industry, Instagram is responsible for the meteoric rise in popularity of road travel. While RVing once was the domain of the fanny-pack wearing retiree, a new generation of bronzed-skin, design-conscious millennials have managed to make RV’ing the “it” thing to do.

The importance of Instagram in the RV industry can’t be denied. Accounts like @vanlifesquad, @nomads_hit_the_road and @retro.rv account for half-a-million followers alone. The diverse voices and talents that can be found on Instagram are driving thoughts, taste and buying decisions of millions of people across the world. Their influence cannot be denied.

Here are BeginRV’s picks for the most influential Instagrammers of 2021:

Name Instagram PageAbout
@rolling_sess cool full-time RV couple from Miami
@vanliferules living with curated pictures and interviews
@fifth_wheel_living RV designer featured in Wall Street Journal
@vanlifesquad pictures and build videos with over 300k followers
@_gypsytribe_ couple documenting 6 years on the road.
@nomads_hit_the_road content with 75k followers
@adventuresinthebean female entrepreneur renovating RVs
@thislittleairstream renovations by talented female DIY’er
@retro.rv owned company who specialize in building Kombi ‘snail’ motorhomes
@rootlesslivingmag dedicated to the digital nomad lifestyle
@thisadventurefamily of family of 4 living full-time in RV
Popular hosts of the RV Atlas podcast
@doesthiscountasvanlife and inspiring solo traveler living out of a van
@sofearlyss digital nomad with inspirational content
@rvstickerclub international community of travelers that trade RV stickers
@emilyfeely_ with RV renovation and small-living content
@tribeonaquest account of parenting special needs children on the road

YouTube Channels

YouTube has created reality stars out of the RV industry’s most recognizable names. Channels like Keep Your Daydream (389k subscribers) and RV Geeks (174k subscribers) are bringing must-see TV to the phones and laptops of millions of fans each year.

The reach and influence of the RV YouTubers has helped thousands of new RVers feel comfortable about the idea of traveling on the road. When you watch every-day, ordinary people managing seemingly herculean tasks on their RVs it can inspire viewers to say I can do that too!

Here are BeginRV’s picks for the most influential YouTubers of 2021:

NameYouTube ChannelAbout
Let’s Play Ride and Seek and heartwarming travels of LGBTQ couple in campervan
Keep Your Daydream couple offers tips to (realistically) live out your RV dreams.
RV Geeks resource dedicated to maintaining and repairing your RV
RV 101 RV training and educational resource
Road Gear Reviews look at portable products and gear delivered by collection of full-time RVers
The Adventures of Fox and Miles nomads sharing content on entrepreneurship and a path to freedom
Jennelle Eliana girl living in her blue campervan with a pet snake. 2.47 million subscribers. Need we say more?
Sarah Yak vlog that is real, raw and authentic
Trent & Allie van life couple chronicling their travels around world
RV Love RV couple offering tips, tricks and how-to of RV living

Special Interest Clubs

With the RV population shifting to a younger and more diverse demographic, the industry has responded with speciality clubs that offer new and unique experiences to its members. Whether it be boondocking on someone’s apple orchard or connecting with other full-time families on the road, the rise of speciality clubs has helped build community while re-imagining what RV’ing can look like.

Here are BeginRV’s picks for the most influential Speciality RV Clubs of 2021:

Full Time Families https://www.fulltimefamilies.comCommunity of full-time RV families with children
Boondockers Welcomehttps://www.boondockerswelcome.comBoondocking membership site with network of thousands of overnight stay locations
Harvest Hostshttps://harvesthosts.comRV camping at 2,000 wineries, breweries and other unique short-term campsites
Escapees RV Clubhttps://www.escapees.comStrong support network and resources for people living on the road
Loners On Wheels for solo RVers
Handicapped Travel Clubhttp://www.handicappedtravelclub.comClub that encourages traveling for people with a wide range of disabilities.
RV Villagehttps://www.rvillage.comApp that helps RV connect to others in the community. Over 350,000 members
Tin Can Touristshttps://tincantourists.comClub that promotes the interests of vintage trailer and motorhome owners. 
RV Radio Networkhttps://rvradionetwork.comClub for RV enthusiasts who share an interest in amateur radio
Campers 4 Christhttps://campers4christ.orgFaith-based camping club
SMART RVinghttps://www.smartrving.orgBrings military veterans, and their families together to share camaraderie, travel, camping.

Discount RV Clubs

Everybody loves a good discount, right? These discount RV clubs offer RVers discounts at select campgrounds as well as benefits such as roadside assistance, mail forwarding and other essential services while out on the road. Good Sam, one of the oldest RV membership clubs in the industry originated in 1966 and now boasts over 2,000,000 members – how’s that for influence?

Here are BeginRV’s picks for the most influential Discount RV Clubs of 2021:

Name WebsiteAbout
Good Sam membership club with over 2,100 parks. Offers services like roadside assistance, travel insurance and vehicle warranties
Passport Americahttps://www.passportamerica.comAlong with Good Sam, other titan of the discount camping club industry
KOAhttps://koa.comInsanely popular campground membership company with over 500 locations in the US
Happy Camper Clubhttps://www.camphalfprice.comNo-contract discount membership club for RVers and campers
North American Camping Club US & Canada camping club where members can visit affiliated campgrounds and pay reduced fees for overnight RV camping
Thousand Trailshttps://thousandtrails.comRV discount club offering over 190 campgrounds throughout the United States

RV Rental Sites

Let’s be clear … maybe more than anything else in the past few years, peer-to-peer RV rental has changed the RV game. With the rise of rental sites like Outdoorsy and RVShare, renting RVs has never been more accessible, affordable and attainable for the average person. 

We’re not forgetting the RV rental titan Cruise America as their influence grows around the country, but we are also keeping our eye on campervan rental startups like Escape Campervans and Lost Campers that will only grow in popularity over the coming years. 

Here are BeginRV’s picks for the most influential RV Rental Websites of 2021:

Outdoorsyhttp://www.Outdoorsy.comPeer-to-peer RV rental site named by Forbes as one of best startup workplaces
RVSharehttp://www.RVshare.comLeading peer-to-peer RV rental site with thousands of rental options in every city across America
RVezy Canada’s biggest peer-to-peer RV rental booking site.
Lost Campershttps://www.lostcampersusa.comCali-based campervan rental site with sterling reputation
El Montehttps://www.elmonterv.comTrusted name in brick-and-mortar RV rentals
Cruise Americahttps://www.cruiseamerica.comIndustry-leading RV rental company continues to grow
RV Rental Scouthttps://rvrentalscout.comHelpful RV rental resource site
Escape Campervanshttps://www.escapecampervans.comLeading campervan rental agency servicing US and Canada

Campground Booking Sites

Much like the RV rental space, the campground booking process has been revolutionized by technology. Old-timers will probably remember the days where you had to call a campground reservation system and sometimes wait weeks to find if you were able to book a site. Nowdays, you can reserve a campsite at almost any campground in the United States with an internet connection and a credit card.

The ease of campground booking is another major factor driving renewed interest in the RV and outdoor lifestyle. While some groan about the overcrowding, the accessibility means there will be hundreds of thousands of new campers with access to camping. To us, that’s a win.

Here are BeginRV’s picks for the most influential Campground Booking Sites of 2021:

Rover Passhttps://www.roverpass.comBookings at over 6,000 RV parks and campgrounds across the US
Recreation.govhttp://www.recreation.govGo-to booking site for Federal and State lands
Campground Bookinghttps://campgroundbooking.comCampground booking site and backend software for campsite owners
The Dyrthttps://thedyrt.comMore than 1 million listings, reviews and tips for campsites across the U.S.
Hip Camphttps://www.hipcamp.comComprehensive resource for discovering and booking outdoor stays including tent camping, RV parks, cabins, treehouses, and glamping
Reserve Americahttps://www.reserveamerica.comOver 17.5 million users visit each year to research and book camping trips
Pitch Uphttps://www.pitchup.comOver 2,700 campsites to book in the US, UK and Europe

Industry Sites

While content creation is exciting, it can blur the lines between real news and entertainment. Organizations like the RV Industry Association (RVIA) and other trusted industry sites drive growth through their efforts to promote, advocate and inform the public about RVing. Manufacturers, dealers, banks and others all rely on these organizations to not only get information, but see which way the winds are blowing in the market.

Here are BeginRV’s picks for the most influential Campground Booking Sites of 2021:

Name WebsiteAbout
RVIAhttps://www.rvia.orgLeading trade voice of the $114 billion dollar RV industry, representing approximately 400 manufacturers
RV Businesshttps://rvbusiness.comReporting on RV business
RV Pro News industry news site with up-to-date news
Camper Reporthttps://camperreport.comRV industry insider information with articles and weekly show

what To Do With This List

Our hope is the BeginRV 2021 RV Influencer List will open your eyes to people, organization and voices that deserve to be heard in this new age of road travel.  It’s not about popularity – it’s about change

The best thing you can do? Check out these voices for yourself. We challenge you to click on 10 links of people you are not familiar with. It may feel uncomfortable or even unnecessary to look outside your peer group, but like Nike says: just do it. It’s critically important as a community that we exchange information in a way that includes everyone – not just those with the most resources. 

Thank you so much for stopping by. It is an honor to be a part of this great community and I look forward to meeting many more of you in the future. 

    Easy Travels, 


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