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RV Rental Colorado Springs (Review): The Best RV Rental Agencies In the Rocky Mountains

In a hurry to find the best RV Rental in Colorado Springs? We recommend OUTDOORSY for Peer-to-Peer RV rentals and HIGH ALPINE RENTALS for traditional (physical location) RV rentals. 

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Best RV Rental Colorado Springs – Outdoorsy

Available Vehicles
Customer Service
Cancellation Policy


With over 800+ choices for motorhomes and trailers in Colorado Springs, Outdoorsy’s combination of selection, price and customer services makes it top dog in Colorado Springs. 


Begin Your Journey In the Heart of the Rocky Mountains

Ranked alongside Tokyo, Sicily and Greenland in the New York Times list of “52 Places to Go in 2020”, Colorado Springs, Colorado is finally being recognized as one of the most exciting cities in the American West. 

With an incredible amount of outdoors activities and over 300 days of sunshine a year,  Colorado Springs is the ideal spot to begin your RV journey. Home to the stunning Air Force Academy Cadet Chapel, one of the Top 5 Zoos in North America and over 30 fine craft breweries, “the Springs” has a big-city feel while maintaining it’s old Western charm. 

Our goal today is to help you find a Colorado Springs RV rental that is conveniently-located, affordable and reliable. In this article, we’ll review the following RV Rental companies in Colorado Springs: 

Why Rent Your RV In Colorado Springs?

Located just an hour south of Denver, it’s hard to find a more picturesque location than Colorado Springs to begin your RV trip. Resting under the glorious shadow of Pike’s Peak, Colorado Springs offers something for every age, taste and ability. 

Here are just a few of the amazing activities you can find in Colorado Springs: 

  • Garden of The Gods: Fifteen miles of hiking trails gives you plenty of space to snap Instagram-worthy photos of one of the most picturesque geological wonders in the world. 
  • Over 30 Craft Breweries: Led by my personal favorite, Bristol Brewing Company – which is located in a repurposed elementary school, Colorado Springs is an under-the-radar spot for beer connoisseurs.  
  • Pike’s Peak Cog Railway: Since 1891, the Pikes Peak Cog Railway has carried millions of people up to the 14,000+ summit of Pikes Peak. A journey above cascading streams and forests of aspen and pine, the world’s highest cog railroad reveals lovely panoramas that inspired “America the Beautiful.” (re-opening in 2021)

Train on Mountain

  • Cheyenne Mountain Zoo: Recently ranked the #4 zoo in North America, the “highest zoo in America” located at 6,800 feet above sea level is a can’t miss day out with the family. 
  • Broadmoor Hotel and Golf Resort: The stunning Broadmoor Hotel was voted a Top 25 Golf Resort by Links Magazine in its Silver Anniversary Edition. The East Court was recently ranked the #39th best public course in the US for 2019-20 by Golf Digest magazine. 

The good news is it’s never been easier to find a Colorado Springs RV rental. With everyone looking to avoid public transportation in the age of COVID, there are an estimated 8.5 million privately-owned RVs for rent in the United States to meet the surging demand.

Types of RV Rental Companies In Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs RV Rentals

There are two types of companies that rent RV’s in Colorado Springs. 

Peer-to-Peer Colorado Springs RV Rental 

Peer-to-Peer RV rental is where RV owners rent out their own RV to other individuals through a website. Just like AirBnb, peer-to-peer rental websites like Outdoorsy and RVShare provide an easy-to-use platform to rent from hundreds of different makes and models of motorhomes, trailers, campers, toy haulers, sprinter vans and vintage vans. 

The amazing part of Colorado Springs Peer-to-Peer RV rentals is that you can search on the websites for exactly the make and model of motorhome you are looking for. From small teardrop campers to 40 foot luxury trailers, you are almost guaranteed to find something that will suit your needs. 

Peer-to-Peer RV Rental Colorado Springs: The Good and Bad


Vehicles accessible in nearly all cities 

Vehicles can be less desirable than advertised online

Variety of price points from economy ($50/night) to luxury ($500/night)

Restrictions (age, driving history) on who can rent

Incredible variety of vehicles and trailers

Initial contact and communication with owner can be cumbersome

Insurance and 24/7 Roadside Assistance included (or at reasonable price)

Provided insurance can be frustrating and unreliable to work with

Large selection of luxury motorhomes and trailers  

Colorado Springs RV Rental Company (Brick-and-mortar) 

Just like a car rental company, Colorado Springs has brick-and-mortar RV rental locations where you physically go to rent and pick up your RV. Many RV rental companies like Hightened Path RV, Cruise America and High Alpine Rentals have easy-to-use websites that will allow you to choose from a wide selection of RVs. 

The great part about the brick-and-mortar RV rental companies is that you are dealing with knowledgeable staff and a standard quality of vehicle. Renting from an RV rental company you will typically have less last minute “surprises” when picking up your vehicle. 

A drawback to your traditional RV Rental companies is that inventory can be scarce during the high summer seasons. You may have to reserve your RV months in advance if you are looking to travel between the months of May and September. 

Traditional RV Rental Colorado Springs: The Good and Bad


Large selection of Class C motorhomes

Less variety of vehicles

Team of knowledgeable RV experts to help with rental

Rigid cancellation policies

More personalized customer service

Scarce inventory during high seasons

Less last minute surprises when renting

Can be expensive to rent – particularly during high season

Can often do 1-way trips  

Choosing Your Vehicle Type

With so many RV Rental options available in Colorado Springs, it can be intimidating to know which type of vehicle to choose. Here is a quick rundown of the different types: 

Class C Motorhome

Class C Motorhome

The Class C motorhome is your “classic” RV that most beginners think about when looking to rent an RV. Driving similar to a large SUV or pickup truck, the Class C is a particularly popular choice among first-time RVers for it’s ample sleeping capacity and easy navigation. 

Benefits of renting a Class C Motorhome in Colorado Springs:

  • Easier navigation than larger Class A’s or towing a trailer 
  • Simpler to drive in bad weather
  • Safer to drive due to cockpit design
  • Lower to ground for easier entrance and exit from the vehicle
  • Accessible living area while the vehicle is moving 

If you are a beginner looking to rent an RV for the first time in Colorado Springs, we strongly recommend that you look into renting a Class C motorhome before moving on to something bigger. 

Class A Motorhome

Class A Motorhome

Class A motorhomes are the largest and most luxurious of the RV Rentals in Colorado Springs. Bigger than Class C’s, With plenty of storage space and high-end luxury features, Class A’s are good to consider for couples or small families who don’t want to leave the comforts of home behind. 

On the negative side, Class A’s get horrible fuel mileage – you can expect only 8-10 miles per gallon meaning that you will spend a small fortune on fuel. Due to the size, length and build of Class A’s, navigation and parking can be quite difficult for the beginner. 

Benefits of renting a Class A Motorhome in Colorado Springs: 

  • Impressive look and design
  • Luxurious Amenities that will remind you of home
  • Ample Storage Space 
  • Smooth ride quality 

Class B Motorhomes (Camper Vans)

Camper Van

Nimble and more fuel efficient than Class A or C motorhomes, Campervans are a compact and affordable option for couples or close friends who don’t mind sharing tight quarters. Self-contained with a kitchen, toilet and shower, the easy-driving Campervan delivers all your road trip needs in a pleasantly small package. 

Benefits of renting a Campervan in Colorado Springs:

  • Small, but efficient space for small groups
  • Easy to drive and maneuver – particularly in bad weather
  • Easy to park in parking lot or garage
  • Ideal for narrow streets and in congested traffic
  • Typically more affordable than Class A or Class C motorhomes

Travel Trailers 

Due to their affordable price, lower maintenance and flexibility, travel trailers are the most popular type of RV. The most important thing to know about a travel trailer is that it is towed behind your vehicle. 

Travel trailers don’t have a motor, but are towed by a “hitch” secured to the frame of the towing vehicle. Think of a travel trailer as a portable home you can tow across the country. 

Colorado Springs Travel Trailers come in all different shapes and sizes ranging from the garage-like toy hauler to the spacious and luxurious 5th wheel. While travel trailers make great long-term investments, in our opinion they are not the best choice for beginners or those looking for a short-term rental.

RV Rentals Colorado Springs: The Top Picks

*Disclosure: We only recommend products and services that we have or would use ourselves. All opinions expressed here are our own. This post contains affiliate links where we may earn a small commission to support the operation of this site –  always at no additional cost to you.

OVERALL WINNER (TIE): Outdoorsy Colorado Springs

Availability of Vehicles
Customer Service


Outdoorsy’s combination of selection, price and customer services makes it top dog in Colorado Springs. Customers note the straightforward booking process through the website and the no-frills rental process. Delivery of your RV straight to your door or campsite is an available option for a fee. All renters have the option of getting an affordable $250,000 collision, $1 million liability insurance policy. Optional 24/7 Roadside Assistance is available under premium plans. Cancellation is flexible, however Outdoorsy will charge a processing fee for all cancellations dependent on how much notice is provided. 


OVERALL WINNER (TIE): High Alpine Rentals

Availability of Vehicles
Customer Service


With a pristine 5.0 rating on Google Reviews, High Alpine Rentals is known to locals for its friendly customer service, high quality vehicles and ability to accommodate last-minute bookings. High Alpine gets high marks for flexibility – with renter’s pointing out the owner’s receptiveness to early pickups and late drop offs. High Alpine is known for going above-and-beyond for it’s customers – going so far as to stock renters RVs with groceries before a trip. If you are looking to go the traditional RV rental agency route, High Alpine is our runaway choice.


RVshare Colorado Springs

Availability of Vehicles
Customer Service
Cancellation Policy


With over 1,100 of drivable and towable RVs to choose from, RVshare has the largest selection of peer-to-peer rental inventory in Colorado Springs. With comprehensive insurance included in the price of rentals along with 24/7 roadside assistance (including emergency supply delivery) and 5% cash back on future trips, RVshare is the leader value-added perks for your RV rental. Customers note RVshare’s uneven customer service as something to be aware of.  RVshare offers flexible cancellation, however, a $99 cancellation processing fee will be assessed to all cancellations.


Hightened Pathway RV

Availability of Vehicles
Customer Service


One of the premier RV rental companies in Colorado, the knowledgeable owners, outstanding customer service and the option for one-way trips make Heightened Path RV an excellent choice for RV rentals in Colorado Springs. With a 4.7 star rating on Google from over 100 reviews, Hightened Pathway customers are very high on the customer service of the professionally run business. Despite overall stellar reviews, some customers note the strict cancellation policy and issues with cleanliness of rentals as negatives. Customers have 48 hours to cancel a reservation before losing $300 deposit.


Cruise America – Colorado Springs

Availability of Vehicles
Customer Service
Cancellation Policy


Despite frustrating unavailability of vehicles during high seasons, Cruise America Colorado Springs is a trusted name to rent a Class C motorhome. Each rental comes with a $1,500 deductible insurance plan provided at no-cost along with a 24-hour toll-free assistance hotline.  Beware of a high damage deposit ($500), mileage charges and other costs that can quickly add costs to your trip. Customers have up to 7 days prior to departure to cancel your reservation for a full refund of your deposit. However, this extends to 45 days if you are attending a high demand festival or event (i.e. Burning Man)


RV Rental Colorado Springs: The Final Word 

After an in-depth look at many high-quality RV rental options in Colorado Springs we can confidently say that Outdoorsy and High Alpine Rentals are your two best options

Outdoorsy is the best option for those looking for affordability and selectionHigh Alpine Rentals is our top rental agency for those who value above-and-beyond customer service

Our hope is you found this informational helpful and you can choose your next RV rental with confidence. If you are considering other great cities to start your next RV trip, check out our RV rental reviews for Nashville, Tennessee, Sacramento, California, Omaha, Nebraska and Spokane, Washington

We love hearing from our readers. Share your personal experiences or feel free to leave comments or questions below.  

    Easy Travels, 


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