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Step Stool With Handle (Review): Five Best Choices for your RV

In a hurry? We recommend the AdjustaStep or the Vaunn Medical Foot Step Stool With Handle as our top picks. If you want to jump directly to the reviews of the 5 best step stools CLICK HERE. 

Our Top Choice: AjustaStep Step Stool With Handle



The only height-adjustable step stool with two handrails on the market, the AdjustaStep offers unique flexibility, stability and safety that makes it stand out from its competitors.


When looking for a step stool … think safety 

Any homeowner knows that a reliable step stool is worth its weight in gold. From changing smoke detectors to getting an extra boost onto a high bed, a step stool is a handy and safe alternative to a full ladder. 

When searching for the right step stool for your RV, you want a quality-constructed stool with safety features such as locking feet, rubber-backed treads and a stable handgrip for steadiness and stability.  When it comes to choosing the right step stool – safety is your top priority! 

Step Stool Injury

For this reason, we highly recommend a step stool with handle to give you the extra layer of safety and peace of mind.  To help you make the best and safest choice,  we’ve reviewed the best step stool with handle options to help you find your perfect match: 

A Handle is key for extra stability 

Step stool safety is no laughing matter. Sadly, each year we see serious injuries resulting from improper use of step stools including head injuries, broken bones and even death. 

Unless you are trained in the proper use of step stools and ladders, a step stool with support handle provides you the extra stability and confidence you need to protect safety. 

Why choose a step stool with handle over a traditional (non-handle) step stool for your RV? 

  • Extra point of stability and peace of mind when doing jobs around your motorhome; 
  • Safer for older adults and those with knee, back or hip issues; 
  • Stability and support when getting in and out of your RV; 
  • Support to help you get in and out of raised bed or bunkbed; 
  • Extra point of stability to get to hard to reach places on your RV (cupboards, ceilings, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors)

A step stool with added security of a handle is also a great feature for:

  • older adults with mobility issues
  • older children – always under strict supervision of an adult, and; 
  • those with physical ailments that make balancing difficult 

Slipping and falling is a real risk that could result in head, back and other injuries with long-lasting consequences. A handle just gives you that extra layer of stability and confidence you need when working in your home. 

How To Safely Use your Step Stool

You wouldn’t use an electric saw or nail gun without learning to how operate them safely. It should be no different when using a step stool. Here are ten tips on how to remain safe on your step stool: 

  1. Make sure your step stool is used on a level surface with solid floor support for all four feet.
  2. Unless the manufacturer’s instructions say it’s permitted, do not use your step stool on uneven surfaces like grass, rocks or gravel. 
  3. Do not use your step stool on slippery surfaces or where there is water present. 
  4. Never place your step stool on unstable bases (i.e. tables or boxes) to obtain additional height.
  5. Ensure the step stool is spread fully open and the spreaders are locked. Always make sure the locking mechanism is engaged.
  6. Check your step stool prior to each use. Inspect for damaged/missing parts, condition of anti-slip feet, security of the step stool rail and condition of climbing/gripping surfaces. 
  7. Wear proper shoes: no sandals, slippers or shoes with worn out soles should be worn. 
  8. Set-up the step stool close to the work being performed.
  9. To prevent tipping, do not lean too much to one side when performing work.  
  10. If children are using step stool, ALWAYS make sure they are being supervised by an adult. 

The biggest thing when using your step stool is to use common sense! If a situation doesn’t look or feel safe, then you are always better off asking for help. 

Step Stool With handle: What to look for

While most step stools are reasonably priced, the right step stool will ensure that you’re able to safely use it years to come. There are a couple of features you need to consider when evaluating your choices:


You want something that’s built to last. Flimsy step stools are both unreliable and a safety risk, so you’ll need to carefully evaluable the materials used. Pay particular attention to the step treads, the locking mechanisms and foot grips as these are particular areas of importance. A step stool with handle should give you the extra support you need for added stability.  Carefully look at reviews of the product to see if other customers have experienced slip-and-falls or comment negatively about the stability.  


The ability to move your step stool from one place to another is critical if you plan on using it in your RV.  Three keys characteristics of a portable step stool are:

  1. lightweight (< 10lbs) 
  2. foldable and/or easy to disassemble 
  3. sturdy enough to feel safe and secure

It’s one thing to be portable, but you never want to sacrifice safety in the name of portability. 


Ideally, you should be looking for a step stool with handle that’s lightweight and convenient. Under 10 pounds is great, but if you are a bit older or have physical problems a stool less than 6 pounds will be best.  Unfortunately, heavy step stools can be cumbersome to store and move around your RV. Foldable step stools are an especially good solution for RVers with limited storage space. 

Our picks for the best 5 Step Stools  with handles 

*Disclosure: We only recommend products and services that we would use ourselves. All opinions expressed here are our own. This post contains affiliate links where we may earn a small commission to support the operation of this site –  always at no additional cost to you.

Overall Winner (Tie): Adjustastep



The only height adjustable step stool with two handles on the market, the all-metal AdjustaStep offers flexibility, stability and safety that make it stand out from its competitors. Fitted with a high-quality non-slip platform and non-slip base, we find the height-adjustable handles are a unique advantage that allow for greater physical and mental comfort of the user. The modern blue and white design with a rust-resistant finish means that the AdjustaStep will be easy on the eyes and easy to clean. While not the lightest on the market, disassembly is easy to make the AdjustaStep perfect for traveling in your RV.


Overall Winner (Tie): Vaunn Medical Foot Step Stool With Handle



As the product name might suggest, the Vaunn Step Stool with Handle is designed for reliability and stability. This high-quality step stool is crafted from triple-layered chromium-plated materials so it’s able to handle 300 pounds of weight. The step stool with handle comes with a non-skid, ribbed rubber platform to reduce risks of falling or slipping. The wide legs and reinforced rubber feet provide an additional layer making this a great choice for your motorhome. The only negative is that it is not foldable, making it a bit more difficult to store.


XTend + Climb Step Stool with Handle



One of the lightest models on the market at just over 5 pounds, the XTend + Climb sleek design and folding capabilities makes it portable and easy to store. With a roomy top step measuring 32″ and a large handle for stability, the XTend + Climb offers the stability needed when working at greater heights. The only downsides to note are that this model has a less-hefty weight capacity of 225 pounds and does not come with non-slip grip on the steps.


DMI Step Stool With Handle



Made out of a chrome-plated steel frame with a 300 pound weight capacity, the DMI Step Stool with Hanlde is a sturdy, durable and versatile step stool for your home. Featuring non-slip textured matting and reinforced rubber tips on the legs, the DMI step stool is one of the most stable step stools you can find on the market. Older adults may find they need assistance moving the 8.5-pound stool due to its slightly heavier weight. Some customers note that initial assembly may require two people to complete and the fixed handle does not lend to easy storage.


Bundaloo Support Step Stool With Handle



The Bundaloo step stool with handle offers a sturdy and stable step stool option at a competitive price. The stool comes fitted with a textured slip-resistant mat and rubber leg caps giving it good sturdiness. It’s lightweight enough to be moved around an RV, however, the fixed position of the handle will make it difficult to store. While most users offer positive reviews, some buyers note trouble with assembly and report unevenness in stability.


The Final Word

If you are looking for a safe and reliable step stool with handle for your RV, you really can’t go wrong with any of these five choices. All provide safety, comfort and peace of mind when you need that extra boost. 

Due to their unique safety features, AdjustaStep and the Vaunn Medical Step Stool with handle are the two choices that stand out from the competition. If you are looking for something more portable for your RV, we would recommend the XTend + Climb as a great lightweight option. 

We hope you enjoyed this rundown and found a great step stool to take out on the road. Please share your comments with us below – we love to hear advice, tips and suggestions from our loyal followers! 

Easy Travels, 


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