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What Can Mobile RV Service and Repair Companies Fix?

Mobile RV service and repair is a convenient way to have your RV repaired but what can they actually fix? Let’s look at what the limitations of mobile RV service are.

RV tech on roof of RV performing repair

Whether your RV is immobile or you just don’t have the time to deliver it to a dealer for service or repair, mobile RV service is a great option.

Having an RV service technician make a house call to you is a convenient way to get your RV the attention it requires. Perhaps it’s an emergency repair preventing you from heading out on your vacation, or just regularly scheduled maintenance.

It takes time and money to either drive or hook up and tow your RV to a repair shop. In some instances, it may be necessary to have a towing company tow your RV costing you even more money!

The fee associated with having a tech come to you is generally money well spent. But what are these companies able to fix when they get to you?

Types of Mobile RV Service and Repair Companies

Most mobile service and repair companies are very similar and are capable of many of the same services.  There are, however, a few different possibilities when it comes to mobile RV service companies.

General RV Service Technicians

General RV service techs will make up the majority of companies in this field. These will mostly be privately-owned companies often consisting of an owner-operator or a small crew of techs.

They will be capable of most services and repairs related to the RV itself but generally limited when it comes to mechanical repairs to the drivetrain. Service technicians will most likely not stock many parts other than common parts for regular service.

Mobile RV Repair Specialists

Mobile RV repair specialists may be a technician who is a diesel mechanic or has experience with higher-end motorhomes or specific brands.

These types of specialists are not as common, as repairs of this nature generally require a shop with all the necessary tools and equipment for repairs. Large tires on Class A motorhomes are usually dealt with by mobile truck tire services. Although not RV specific, these companies provide a specialty service.

RV Dealer House Calls

In general, RV dealers are going to want you to bring your RV to them. They may provide pick up and delivery of your RV but service and repairs usually take place at their shops.

Some dealers do have techs that will do house calls related to warranty work or to diagnose issues. As mobile service techs become more popular, you may see more RV dealers providing the service.

What Can Mobile RV Service Companies Fix?

So what can a mobile service fix? It will of course depend on the company but most will be able to fix pretty much any issue you have. The one exception is drivetrain issues with motorhomes which generally fall into the space of mechanics.

On-the-spot fixes will be limited to the parts required and what the tech has available. Techs will usually have some common items for basic repairs and service but will need to visit dealers or parts stores for many parts.

Another limited area is air conditioning leaks. It is required by law that any air conditioning gases be recovered by qualified service techs. The equipment required to do this is specialized and expensive, so many mobile techs won’t have it.

Here are some of the most common requests for mobile service.

The Furnace Won’t Start or Blows Cold Air

Anyone with an RV has been frustrated with a faulty furnace. RV furnaces can be finicky – luckily they are all very similar and usually easy fixes for RV techs. Cleaning can sometimes be all that’s required, however, often parts are needed.

Since RV furnace issues are common, the parts are generally in stock, and certain items like sail switches and thermocouples are kept in mobile service vehicles for quick common repairs.

Awning Repair or Adjustment

Leaving an awning extended and having it caught by the wind is a common scenario. This may require a complete replacement or just certain components. As with most RV components, there are just a couple of main companies that provide awnings to RV manufacturers so parts are similar.

Even undamaged awnings sometimes require service as they can require realignment from time to time.

RV service tech working on manual RV awning
Don’t get caught in the wind. An RV service technician can help fix your RV awning or realign it as needed.

Water Heater Problems

When your shower turns cold or your hot water stinks like rotten eggs, you want it dealt with ASAP!

RV water heaters are pretty basic systems but they do contain gas, electrical and pressurized hot water. For these reasons, many people choose to pass any problems to RV techs. Your RV service tech knows what to look for when servicing and repairing water heaters to ensure they are safe to continue using.

RV Air Conditioner Not Working

As mentioned, some RV A/C issues may require special equipment not offered by mobile companies.

There are lots of issues that can arise that a quick house call can deal with. Filters, sensors, ducts, gas and electrical connections, compressors, and condensers are all contained within your RV A/C units. There are endless things that can go wrong but the techs know all of them.

Winterizing and De-winterizing

For some people, having a mobile service come to your house or storage facility at the start and end of the season is routine. Winterizing and de-winterizing are easy processes but having a pro do it is cheap insurance for your RV.

Spring and fall are the busiest times for many of these mobile companies due to providing these services – so make sure to book early!

Slide-out and Jack Issues

Getting to your campsite and not being able to extend your slide or getting ready to leave and not being able to retract it are equally terrible situations.

Mobile RV techs often deal with broken slide-outs and maintain working slides to prevent issues. RV slides can require adjustment to prevent major repairs and having them done in a timely manner is important.

Some slides and jacks and supports are hydraulic units that operate under pressure. These repairs should be done by a competent person.

There is Very Little that an RV Service Repair Tech Can’t Fix!

If you require service or repair on your RV, a mobile company is a great way to have things done on your schedule at your location.

Mobile service techs are trained professionals capable of fixing the vast majority of problems that may arise. Performing the scheduled maintenance and dealing with repairs in a timely manner will benefit both you and your RV.

Have you ever used a mobile RV tech? What was your experience like? Let us know in the comments.

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