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Protect Your RV With WhereSafe GPS Tracker

RV theft is more common than you think and is something RV owners need to be aware of. An RV GPS tracker may not prevent theft, but it will track your RV for faster recovery. An RV GPS tracker from WhereSafe is a smart investment for any RV owner.

Let’s look at who needs one of these devices and the benefits of having this peace of mind.

Airstream parked in the desert with WhereSafe GPS app in the foreground
An RV GPS tracker may not prevent theft, but it will track your RV for faster recovery

Anyone who has had a vehicle stolen knows the stress and frustration of waiting for its possible return.

The unfortunate reality is many stolen vehicles are never recovered. Many of those found are recovered in a damaged and often unusable state. Since towable RVs can be quickly hooked up to a tow vehicle, it takes very little time to steal them. And while hitch locks are a deterrent but nothing is full proof.

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Why Do I Need An RV GPS Tracker?

Theft isn’t the only reason to have an RV GPS tracker, there are lots of ways it can help. This one product provides multiple valuable benefits.

Deter DRV Theft

Your RV is valuable from both a monetary and sentimental point of view. Having it stolen would be frustrating, stressful, and could be costly. Being able to track your RV’s location in this situation in real time can assist in a quick recovery. This can make the difference between having your RV returned or not, and having it returned undamaged.

Most law enforcement considers RV theft as “vehicle thefts” and estimates that 6% of vehicle thefts are actually RVs. In 2020, there were 728,000 vehicles stolen in the US – that is an estimated 43,600 stolen RVs.

Personal Safety

The only thing more important than the safety and security of your RV is your personal safety. It is always shocking to hear of people from the RV or van life community going missing.

RVing is about travel and travel can lead us to remote or unplanned locations. Being able to travel freely knowing there is a record of your location in case of emergency is comforting.

Keep Tabs on Your RV Rentals

The popularity of renting out your RV is growing and many people are trusting strangers with their RVs.

For anyone renting their RV using platforms such as RVEzy, having an RV GPS tracker installed is a great idea (for both parties). Rentees can feel assured knowing that if they have problems, you can easily find their location. Renters have the peace of mind of being able to track their RV when rented and to know their investment is where the renters said it would be.

RV Storage Security

Depending on your location and how cold the winters get there, RVs are often stored for long periods in locations other than your property. In some cases, your rig is in storage a long distance from your home. Although RV theft from secure storage areas isn’t a significant risk, it can happen.

As well, snowbirds often leave their RV in storage at their favorite RV campsite and leave the country for months at a time.

Knowing your RV is protected is one less thing to worry about while enjoying your winter vacation. Having a WhereSafe RV GPS tracker in your rig means that you know exactly where your RV is – even if you’re located hundreds of miles away.

Insurance Discounts or Reductions

In some instances, insurance companies will offer discounts to owners who have tracking devices installed on their RVs.

The odds of finding your RV in an undamaged condition with WhereSafe installed is much greater than if it’s untrackable. According to statistics, less than 40% of stolen RVs are recovered.

What Is WhereSafe XTracker Solar GPS Tracker?

So what is the WhereSafe XTracker Solar GPS? WhereSafe has been in the GPS tracking business for almost 20 years. They have successfully helped commercial fleets track their vehicles around the world.

To simplify things and make it user-friendly for everyday people and their travel, WhereSafe has integrated its technology into an app. This user-friendly app gives you real-time monitoring of your vehicle in your hand.

The WhereSafe XTracker Solar model gives you all the benefits of GPS tracking while utilizing solar power. All their products are easy to install, easy to use and work throughout North America (Canada, the US, and Mexico).

Why Choose WhereSafe

With many RV GPS trackers on the market why choose WhereSafe? Well, this product is unique in that it uses real-time notifications through an app rather than requests for information like many trackers. This along with the list of parameters that can be set, solar options and best value plans in the business make WhereSafe the perfect choice for any RVer or van lifer looking for a little peace of mind about the security of their rig and their personal safety.

Real-time Updates On Your Phone

The WhereSafe app makes tracking your RV as easy as checking the time. Once downloaded, the app is ready to go and requires no additional setup.

Unlike other GPS wifi trackers, WhereSafe stays connected to your tracking device and, through continuous monitoring, gives you updates when needed. No need for checking the status of your RV, WhereSafe will notify you if there is any suspicious activity.

4-way split image of 4 different RVs with WhereSafe tracker in the center
The WhereSafe RV GPS Tracker gives you real-time updates about the whereabouts of your RV

Durable, Solar Powered Tracker

As with the simplicity of the app, the RV tracker included is simply attached to your RV and goes right to work tracking.

The WhereSafe is a very durable but small and inconspicuous unit that securely attaches to your RV and can go anywhere your RV does without issue. The 10Ah battery can last a full 4 years in standby mode (1 update per day). The solar option offers trickle charging if positioned with the solar surface exposed. A hard wire option is also available for trickle charging.

All Included Service Plans

All of the WhereSafe GPS monitoring plans include everything needed to keep your RV safe. Plus, all of the plans are available month by month, yearly, and seasonally for WhereSafe products. 

  • NightWatch – After-hours monitoring keeps an eye on your device and lets you know when it moves.
  • SafetyNet – Set a geofence boundary around your city and know when your device leaves the area.
  • RideMonitor – Be aware of high-speed driving and take action. Even get harsh driving alerts with the Plug-In Tracker.
  • TamperGuard – Know right away when your device needs a charge and is unplugged or removed.

More Than Just Theft Tracking

The simple installation of the WhereSafe GPS tracker means it’s not only an RV GPS tracker but can be easily moved to different vehicles.

New drivers and elderly drivers can be monitored for their safety and for your peace of mind. Speed settings, range settings, and night driving are some of the parameters that can be set. The tracker can be set up so only notifications are sent if a set parameter activates it.

With the WhereSafe device, there are no unnecessary notifications or need to continuously check your phone.

Is WhereSafe RV GPS Tracker Right For You?

“Protect Your Passion” is the WhereSafe motto and this holds true for everyone. The small cost of this GPS tracker can give you peace of mind that is priceless.

Once purchased, the tracker can be used on multiple vehicles and is easy to switch. You take steps to prevent theft so it only makes sense to take the next step and be prepared in the worst-case scenario. The set-it-and-forget-it application couldn’t be easier making it a must-have for RV owners. Knowing that your vehicle and loved ones are safe is money well spent.

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