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10 RV Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season

With the holidays right around the corner, it’s time to finish up your holiday shopping. If you have an RVer in your life, here are some great RV gift ideas they will love.

Person wearing a santa hat lying on a chair at a campsite
Check out this list of RV gift ideas for the RVer or van lifer in your life.

RVers love their rigs and everything to do with RVing. There are tons of accessories and RV-related products on the market and passionate RVers love adding to their collection. The market for RV gift ideas is massive and possible gifts range from a few dollars to hundreds and even thousands of dollars. Regardless of your budget, there are great gift ideas for RV owners.

If you’re not sure what a particular person already has or may need, ask some of their RVing buddies or just ask them! RVers are always willing to list off things they need or want for their RV. For most of us, this list is long.

10 RV Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season

Here are some ideas of gifts for the RV owner in your life that they can actually use!

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1) RV Memberships

RV membership cards - RV gift ideas

Give the gift that keeps on giving with an RV membership. There are lots of campground memberships such as KOA, Good Sam, and Thousand Trails that offer camping discounts. A yearly membership to any one of these organizations will be enjoyed all year with this gift.

Want to help the RVer in your life save time on finding and booking sites? Booking sites such as RVSpotDrop can take care of finding sites for the year.

Regardless of the program, RV memberships will surely be appreciated by RVers and make a great gift.

2) Personalized RV Mat

Novelty door mat at RV stairs
A personalized welcome mat is a great gift for an RVer

RV owners are proud of their rigs and love to host fellow RVers. A personalized doormat is a great way to welcome people to your RV.

There are lots of mats geared toward camping and the RV lifestyle. You could also have a custom mat made with a special photo or family name. This thoughtful gift will be remembered every time they enter and leave their RV.

3) WhereSafe GPS Tracker

Airstream in a desert setting with WhereSafe app in the foreground - RV gift ideas

One of the best gifts for RV owners that you can give is peace of mind that their beloved RV is safe. An RV GPS tracker from WhereSafe will do just that.

WhereSafe offers different models, all of which are easy to install and use. The convenient app-controlled GPS means you have your RVs location at all times. One great thing about this gift is it’s usable on any vehicle so it is a gift that has multiple uses.

Start with the XTrack Solar – a GPS-tracking device with an integrated solar panel. Your RVer can simply install the device and then keep track of their rig via the app on their phone.

4) RV Books

RV Hacks book cover and sample page - RV gift ideas

Curling up with a good book is one of the most common things that happens at campgrounds. RVers love a good read and what better topic to read about than RVing?

Marc and Julie Bennett, experienced RVers, have put together this must-have book for the RVer in your life. RV Hacks has tons of valuable information for both new and experienced RVers.

Do you have a mini RVer to buy for? Check out this curated list of The Best Camping Books for Preschoolers.

5) Instant Pot

Instant Pot with digital readout - RV gift ideas

RVs are tight spaces often without lots of storage. Keeping a full set of pots and pans for cooking takes up valuable space.

The Instant Pot is a great appliance for RVers as it is an all-in-one way to prepare so many different meals. Having an instant pot set and cooking while you enjoy the outdoors beats standing over a hot stove any day.

Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker, Slow...
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  • SAFETY FEATURES: Includes over 10 safety features, plus overheat protection and safe-locking lid

Not sure what to make in your Instant Pot? Check out these 10 Easy Instant Pot Recipes for RV Camping

6) Camping Chairs

Camping chair set up in campground - RV gift ideas

Every campsite you pass has camping chairs on display making a comfy camping chair a must for RVers. Most RVers not only have chairs for themselves but also some extras for guests.

Camping chairs are always a great gift for camper owners and will unquestionably get hours of use. After a day out exploring the area, there is nothing better than coming back to your site and flopping into a chair around the fire.

7) OGO Composting Toilet

OGO Composting Toilet
Get $50 off your OGO Composting Toilet with Coupon Code BEGINRV50

More and more RVers are looking for more sustainable ways to enjoy their passion. Using a composting toilet is one of the best ways to reduce water use. Replacing a traditional RV toilet with a composting one has two benefits:

  1. You use less water overall (win-win for the environment too)
  2. Camp for longer because you need less water

OGO Composting Toilets are a game changer for RVers looking to be more environmentally conscious. Maybe you’re shopping for someone with an OGO toilet? If so, give them some replacement filters or extra coco coir for continued use of their composting toilet. 

8) Portable Ice Maker

Portable ice maker with a bag of ice beside it - RV gift ideas
Ice, Ice, baby! An awesome RV gift idea is a portable ice maker.

RVing and cold drinks go hand in hand. Portable ice makers are one of the most popular small appliances used by RVers.

Like all other storage options in a camper, RV freezers are tight spaces without much room for ice trays. Having ice on hand for kid’s drinks and of course, adult drinks are simplified by having a portable ice maker close by.

9) Backup Power Source

CarGenerator connected between an SUV and an Airstream
A backup power source is a great gift idea for the RV owner in your life.

Whether it’s a backup power source for a solar system or for emergency power in case of power loss, having an additional source of power is important for RVers.

CarGenerator is that source of reliable backup power. As long as you have your tow vehicle, you will always have power. If a loss of power occurs, CarGenerator simply connects your RV to your tow vehicle through their patent inverter and transfers that power to your RV.

Any RVer will be excited to have this unique product that can be used with their RV or to provide emergency power to their home.

10) RV Leveling Accessories

RV leveling blocks under RV tires
Make RV setup a breeze with leveling blocks.

Every RV has one thing in common: they need to be leveled. Most RVers have an assortment of random pieces of wood or other bits and bobs they’ve collected from RV sites over the years. However, there are actual leveling products out there to make the job easier.

These CARMTEK Leveling Blocks are invaluable and the RVer in your life can never have enough. Not having the right leveling blocks can make setup a nightmare. So, you can’t go wrong with any small RV accessory like leveling devices as a gift idea for the RVer you know.

RV Gift Ideas for RVers That They Will Actually Use

Instead of gifting your favorite RVer with a gift they won’t actually use and will just get jammed in the back of an already overflowing cabinet, use this list.

RVing requires many different accessories and all can make great gifts. Whatever gift you choose the RVer on your list will be glad to have another RV-related thing to add to their collection.

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