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Are you an avid RVer, travel blogger or someone who loves to share their experiences with the world? Do you want to publish a piece that can be seen by up to thousands of targeted readers a month?

If you are interested in writing high-quality RVing content while building your personal brand, we welcome you to submit an article to the publisher.

As we receive many guest post submissions a week, we ask that you please read the below submission guidelines carefully to give yourself the best chance to be published on our website.

Do I Need to Be An RVer to Guest Post for your Site?

No. While our full-time writers have RV experience, we don’t require the same of our guest posters. If you love outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, biking or you are just are an avid traveler – you can certainly use that experience to inform our loyal readership.

The bottom line is you don’t have to be an RVer to share your tips on an ultimate weekend in Portland or the 9 best fishing spots in Colorado. There are thousands of topics that have cross-appeal to the RV community. If your writing is informative, engaging and full of personality – it will fit on our site.

Is There Payment For My rV Guest Post?

At this time we do not have the budget to pay for guest posts – however our goal is to get to that point.  We hope the exposure and opportunity to build your personal brand through guest posting will be enough to make it worth your time.

What’s In It For Me?

If your article is chosen to be published on our site, your work may be seen by thousands of our loyal readers. Online publication is a great opportunity for aspiring writers and personal bloggers to build their brand on a professional site with a growing readership base.

The perks include:

  • An article published on a high-traffic RV site with loyal readership base;
  • A bio with a link to your website and social media accounts;
  • Up to 2 links to your personal blog or non-commercial website;
  • Your article will be featured on our home page for at least 1 week;
  • Possible opportunity to become paid writer for the site!

If this is an opportunity that excites you, read on for the type of articles we are looking for.

Types of RV Guest Posts We Are Currently Accepting

Our mission at BeginRV is Our is to make the RV experience easy, exciting and affordable to the RV beginner. Our articles aren’t the typical commercial junk crammed with paid endorsements. If you are passionate about RV and/or travel, we are accepting the following types of articles:

We are open to accepting articles that do not fall directly in line with the topics above, but this list is the best place to start.

Submission Requirements

Please follow these requirements when submitting your guest post:

  • All articles must be submitted in the body of the email with the Subject Line: “Guest Post”.  For safety purposes, we will not accept any articles with attachments.
  • Articles must be at least 1,000 words or more and be related to RV’ing or camping in some way.
  • Articles must be original to BeginRV. You may not submit an article that is already published on another website, including your own. If your article is chosen for publication, you may not subsequently re-publish it on your website or another site. We do encourage you to share your article on your social media outlets.
  • Articles may not include any material that is deemed racist, sexist or defamatory. We will simply reject such articles without further edits.
  • Articles must not contain links to products, anything sexual in nature, gambling or any subject matter that we deem inappropriate for our readership (in our sole discretion).

Some Tips On How to Get Accepted

We don’t expect that your article will win the next Pulitzer Prize, however we do expect you submit your best work that is reflective of your capabilities.

Here are some tips on how to get published on our site:

  • Focus your article around a keyword. For those unfamiliar with search engine optimization (SEO) a keyword is a word or phrase that best describes the content of your article. For instance, if you are writing an article about food to bring with you on a camping trip, your keyword phrase may be “camping food list“. Your keyword should always be in your title and should appear a number of times throughout your article. If you need keyword suggestions before writing your article, please e-mail us and we can help you out.
  • Make your article interesting. “Interesting” doesn’t necessarily mean poetic or flowery language, but it does mean that it must contain insights that are helpful to our audience.  Your goal should be to eith: (i) clearly answer a question (ii) explain topics in easy-to-understand terms (iii) share a uniquely personal insight on a topic, or (iv) make readers laugh (or cry!). Whatever you do – don’t be boring! 
  • Your article should have wide appeal, but be targeted at the RV beginner. If you have written something that can only be understood by someone who has been RVing for three decades, it probably isn’t for our site;
  • Make sure you double, no triple check your work for spelling and grammar. If we have to spend hours editing your work, we probably won’t publish it;
  • Your writing should be at a 5th-6th grade level – meaning that a 6th grader can understand most of your article. This does not mean to “dumb down” your writing – actually, it’s the opposite. We are asking you to write in short, concise sentences that are easy to understand and enjoyable to read. Our readers don’t want to read long, run-on sentences!
  • Make it fun! Feel free to let your personality shine through. Use humor. Use personal experience. The more personal, the more your writing will shine to the audience. The better the article, the greater chance your article will be read and shared on social media.

A Note About Pictures

You don’t need to include pictures in your article. If your article is chosen, our editorial team will select photos if necessary. If you do choose to provide photos (which is great!), you must provide us with the licensing information to ensure that we are permitted to reproduce such photo on our website.

We prefer original photos from your own experiences, however, if you want to provide “stock” photos you can find such photos on royalty-free sites such as Unsplash or Pixabay.

A Note About Rejection

Please understand that we receive many requests to publish on our site.  To maintain the quality and direction of our site, we cannot accept all guest posts that are sent to us.  A rejection does not mean your article is not wonderful – it simply means it is not a fit for our site.

To give yourself a better chance at acceptance, we recommend you be mindful of the following:

  • Avoid plagiarism of any sort;
  • Avoid long, run-on sentences;
  • Avoid topics that have already been explored on our website;
  • Avoid excessive spelling and grammatical errors;
  • Avoid commercial links to products;
  • Avoid self-promotion.

We do not give extensive feedback or notes on submitted articles, however, we will be happy to let you know why your article is not a fit for the site. If your article is rejected, please feel free to resubmit another article to us!

How to Submit

All articles submissions should be submitted to [email protected]All articles must be submitted in the body of the email. For safety purposes, we will not accept any articles with attachments.

There are three ways you can submit material to the publishers:

  1. Submit a fully written article with title;
  2. Submit 2-3 ideas for the publishers to review and allow publishers to choose one;
  3. Ask the publisher for a keyword to help you come up with a topic idea.

Once received, we will get back to you no later than five (5) business days. We will either:

  1. Accept your article “as is” (or with minor edits) for publication;
  2. Conditionally accept your article, contingent on further edits to be made by either writer or publisher; or
  3. Reject the article.

We Look Forward to Reading Your Submissions!

Go ahead, send us your work! Our publishers will do our best to help writers put together a strong article that will serve as a great jumpstart to your writing career or a great sample for other writing opportunities. The bravest thing you can do is hit the “submit” button!

Thank you and easy travels,